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Nosy Neighbors - How to Conquer Difficult People

Some people may feel that nosy neighbors is not a difficult topic, however nosiness is a violation of another person's rights and in fact is a difficult problem. Nosy neighbor problems are difficult because it happens all around us everyday. Some neighbors take their nosiness to the extremes while others are less conspicuous. Nosy people are not just neighbors next door; rather nosy people come in all forms, including private agencies, business, and government regimen. Nosy people also include hackers, virus spreaders, crackers, and the like. We just can't seem to win in this over nosy world.

What to do
First, if you are dealing with nosy neighbors your best bet is to confront the problem. Let the neighbors know that you, respect their privacy, likewise they should respect yours. My tendencies are to keep my curtains down regardless of what people think and my doors shut. What I do in my home is my business and no one else's. Some people with twisted minds will think I have something to hide, but I really don't care what people think since I know me better than anyone else knows me and I know I am not hiding anything, just validating my privacy.

Nosy people tend to fail to see their place in life. Most of the nosy people are bored and unsatisfied with their own life they have to violate everyone else's rights to create something to do for themselves. Still, I am not going out of my way to cause problems helping these people alone. Therefore, I let it be known that I really don't care what these people want to know, since they are not getting anything here. Most people in the world make up their own minds as to how they see a person. Regardless of what you do they already have their own views, opinions, and so forth, therefore for you to deal with this nonsense is wasting valuable time.

If you are dealing with a nosy boss, against confronting them and letting them know that you haven't violated their privacy, therefore they have no reason to violate your privacy. A boss has one thing to do and that is to tell you how to do the job, make sure the business is running smoothly and checking the progress of the business. Anything you do in your life outside of the job is none of his or her business and if they think it is, then they do not understand the reality of privacy.

Nosy, nosy, rosy, what a difficult problem we all have dealt with and will deal with again, and if I had a dime for every nosy person out their in the world, I'd be a rich woman now. Instead, there is no comp for dealing with nosy people, therefore we have to remove ourselves from their presence as much as possible and try hard to avoid giving them something to talk about, i.e. if you don't want to have fun.

Taking your privacy back
Privacy nowadays is a thing of the past. As the way things are now we might as well use the bathroom in the great outdoors and let everyone watch. This is the value on privacy nowadays. The only way however that you can have your privacy is to take it back. Stand up for you and what you believe in and trust me, someone if not all of these nosy people will listen to you. The key is acting mature as you stand up and take back your rights.

By Readabout's Handling Difficult People Team

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